Evaluation, financing, orchestration and construction of a PV project portfolio (>10 MWp)

Our subsidiary PRIOSOL Hellas M.E.П.Е. has single-handedly realized various photovoltaic-projects in Greece since its foundation in 2012. After a positive evaluation PRIOSOL took over the orchestration of the building phase and also provided the needed bridge financing.


Project Development of 49 MWp PV project portfolio

PRIOSOL was involved in the successful development of a PV-portfolio in Southern Romania.


Project development of 50 and 25 MWp photovoltaic projects

The main shareholder of PRIOSOL Energy Investments GmbH, via its 50% Joint Venture in Bulgaria (BCI J.S.C.), took part in the successful development of two large scale (in total 75 MWp) photovoltaic projects.